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Working at the Cleveland Zoo


I live in the Cleveland Area and am a Guest Service Associate at this zoo! I enjoy all the animals that I am around everyday! Here are some cuties:) I would recommend to come to this zoo!

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Niagara Falls from Skylon Tower, Ontario

This is taken from the Skylon Tower in Ontario.

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Meerkat at Cleveland MetroParks Zoo

Meerkat at Cleveland MetroParks Zoo

So cute!

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Perspective of Two Mothers

Mother 1:
Who says you can’t have a job at home?
Isn’t an opportunity at last?
For raising children on your own
Cleaning, cooking and having fun is a blast.

Who says you don’t get paid a lot?
You don’t need to be full of greed
Getting love back and gifts is what I got.
Isn’t that the only thing you need?

I bet being a mother isn’t too bad
Having a job at home isn’t terrible
It comes with positive results, I’m glad.
It feels good to be reliable.

Mother 2:
I wish I can just have a day off
I don’t see my family enough.
I spend more time with my patients
My money always go to donations.

At home, I got a family
They see me less than the nanny.
It would be nice to go to son’s game
Or even take him to the Hall of Fame.

Doctors don’t always have an easy life
They barely have time to be a true wife.
If I had a more flexible schedule
To my kids, I wouldn’t feel so dull.

Mother 1 is a home mom who sees her kids and loves to be a stay home and thats her best job ever. Unlike Mother 2, she barely sees her kids and wishes she has more time.

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